SPANAKI is the greek word for spinach used for both our graphic designs &handcrafted accessories.


All SPANAKI products are eco-friendly and made by reusing existing useless items. Made locally, sustainably, and with a love for craft. We beleieve in ethical, conscious consuming and the collection is based on the desire to use everyday objects in unexpected ways. 

“From every day objects to luxurious objects of desire”

 : Luxury items, built slowly and carefully by hand.
SPANAKI product inspiration is founded in every day life. Books, magazines, Vinyl records. The object of SPANAKI is to turn the ordinary to extraordinary, and to add function, beauty and sparkle along the way into every product we design. 

We believe in original, timeless design and lasting materials. Every clutch, purse or jewelry we design has a well-thought function, size, material and color. We strive for perfection and simply want to provide the best for you.

The nature of the materials along with the individually numbered disc emphasize the unique character of each bag. No two are alike nor could they be.


Anna Germanou is a graphic designer from Greece, who is based in Thessaloniki.
She started her studies on Informatics and communication, took an executive diploma on Marketing but her overriding passion in arts and design soon led her to this root. Studies jewelry manufacture and takes her MA degree in Graphic Desigh at Lancashire University in 2011.
All those years she attends drawing courses and concerns herself with all kind of crafts.
In 2010 she introduces her “REUSE” project based on the idea of upcycling used or discarded materials. “My intension is to expand the product’s lifecycle by transforming it into something new that can offer a new satisfaction to its owner and in a way delay it from being detrimental to the environment”she claims.
She is inspired by old images, typography, and magazine illustrations which she converts into fashionable clutches. She has established a signature incorporation of upcycling ‘aspirational’ materials into unique accessories. Faux leather, chains, buttons, and perspex bangles are some of the materials used.
Her work has been featured in group design exhibitions such as Tell A Story Tradeshow, Pillbox, Booze Cooperativa, Meet Market, Semidomesticated Show&Sell Evests at Berlin and Fashion Room Service North.